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Sourcing Product from Mexico Can Be Profitable, but Must Be Done Correctly and with a Sound Sourcing Strategy. Let Us Help You Decide If It’s Right for You!


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Product Sourcing in Mexico

In recent years, the dream of cheap Chinese labor has begun to die. That — coupled with NAFTA, cheaper shipping costs and the reduced travel time associated with traveling to Mexico rather than Asia — has led to a plethora of American and Canadian firms that are increasingly interested in sourcing their products from Mexico. Since the onset of NAFTA in January of 1994, foreign firms have begun to take more general interest in conducting business in Mexico. These interests include selling into Mexico and manufacturing/product sourcing in Mexico. In the last 20 years the American and Canadian interest in doing business with Mexican companies has steadily increased as North American firms see the myriad advantages they can enjoy by doing business closer to home.

Mexico Business Associates has a vast network of databases including Mexican export and trade show listings and a network of personal contacts and organizations in Mexico that allow us to source products while staying in line with Mexico’s business culture. We are able to meet the Mexican cultural expectation of personal contact and meetings to be held between producers and suppliers or agents. Because of the business culture in Mexico, these companies expect more than just email or phone contact.

When attempting to source your product from Mexico, a quick search on Google or an international trade website is unlikely to garner you the immediate results that you may be expecting. Often, sourcing products from Mexico takes time and up front investment on the part of the firm wishing to take advantage of Mexican manufacturing facilities. Most sourcing endeavors in Mexico that fail do so because of the importer’s lack of realistic consideration for the time and budget required.

If you are interested in letting us help you set up sourcing or importing from Mexico, the first step we require is to have a consultation to review your product specs and discuss your expectations, including lead times, volumes, quality control, and more. In certain instances we have to turn down sourcing projects because we do not feel that a product or line of products can be efficiently and or cost effectively sourced from Mexico.

Product Sourcing with Mexico Business Associates

Sourcing product from Mexico can often be profitable for all parties, but must be done correctly and with a sound sourcing strategy. If you are thinking of trying to source from Mexico in the same or a similar way in which you have sourced from Asia, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises. Sourcing from Mexico is not as simple as in China, partly because there is no Alibaba south of the border in which you can post a product need and have dozens of suppliers calling and emailing you within several hours. Additionally, there are no Canton-like trade shows in Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey where you can expect to find all of the suppliers that will meet your needs in a week’s time.

The truth of that matter is that many of the top Mexican suppliers do not openly advertise themselves in the American market or on the Internet. You can, however find most of them at industry specific trade shows held in Mexico several times a year. There are many excellent, reliable and ethical Mexican manufacturing facilities, farms and processing plants that can and do conduct business with and export products to the United States, Canada and elsewhere through their network of contacts. However, these companies often maintain themselves apart from other organizations in the North American market, despite being ready and willing to do business with foreign firms.

Let Us Help You Decide If Mexico Product Sourcing Is Right For You

Once we identify a product sourcing project that we feel we can set up to meet a client’s needs and budget, we implement a client-friendly, step-by-step sourcing process. This process is based on a fee for service basis for services such as:

  • Mexican Trade Show Visits to Locate Suppliers
  • Factory Visits
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Expedition of Quotes
  • Receiving/Expedition of Samples
  • Assistance with Final Price Negotiations
  • Long Term Manufacturer’s Representation in Mexico

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Finding Success South of the Border

Doing business in Mexico may be different from what you’re used to, but don’t let language barriers or differences in business culture stop you from succeeding south of the border. Instead, allow Mexico Business Associates to guide you through the Mexican business landscape and help you find the right solutions for your business. Contact Us Today to find out how we can help you do business in Mexico!