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No Matter What Your Reason Is for Participating in Mexican Trade Shows, We Have a Wide Variety of Packages for Trade Show Representation to Fit Your Needs.


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As in any large market, there are countless trade shows held throughout Mexico. They cater to almost any industry you can imagine including electronics and technology, construction, tourism, auto parts, agricultural and food products, startups, franchises, and Mexican logistics services and import/export. The three primary host cities for trade shows in Mexico are Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Each host city boasts large, modern expo halls that have the capacity to host hundreds of stands and tens of thousands of visitors. However, there are also many smaller, key business municipalities in Mexico that host smaller, industry and region specific trade shows such as hotel expos in Cancun and seafood expos on the Baja Peninsula.

No matter what your reason is for participating in these shows, Mexico Business Associates has a wide variety of packages for trade show representation that can fit your needs.

  • Source a Product from Mexico
  • Find a Reliable Mexican Factory or Supplier
  • Sell Your Product or Service into Mexico
  • Determine What the Mexican Market Has to Offer in Regards to Your Industry

If you are going to do business in Mexico, you should know that strong, persistent participation in trade shows is typically essential to ensuring your success.

Mexico Trade Show Services

Are you ready to have a booth at your industry’s largest Latin American trade show in Monterrey or Guadalajara so that you can sell your product into Mexico or other countries in Central and South America?

If you’re not ready for the sizable investment of having a booth, you may desire to have somebody walk a trade show on your behalf to scout the Mexican market in preparation for selling your product in Mexico.

Perhaps you are looking at sourcing your product from Mexico and need someone to walk a trade show to help you find reliable Mexican suppliers for your product.

Or maybe you want to man a trade show stand or walk a trade show yourself but require interpretation or consulting services while attempting to navigate the Mexican market through an expo environment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of involvement you want to have with a Mexican trade show because Mexico Business Associates proudly offers a variety of services that cater to your exact needs. We offer packages as simple as hourly, in-person interpretation services to all-inclusive, full-show packages. If you choose one of our full-show packages, we set up and manage your trade show booth, representing you for the entirety of the show. This service eliminates your need to travel to Mexico in order to have representation at these shows. However, if you are interested in coming to the trade show yourself, we are also able to assist you in your travel arrangements and accommodations.

If your company is looking to do business in Mexico, trade shows are a necessary element of your endeavor. Contact Us Today and let us customize a trade show package to meet your needs and maximize your business experience in Mexico.

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Finding Success South of the Border

Doing business in Mexico may be different from what you’re used to, but don’t let language barriers or differences in business culture stop you from succeeding south of the border. Instead, allow Mexico Business Associates to guide you through the Mexican business landscape and help you find the right solutions for your business. Contact Us Today to find out how we can help you do business in Mexico!