While walking through two malls in the same general vicinity of Mexico City in the past few months I couldn’t help but notice that both facilities are under significant expansions, allowing for room to grow.  What does this have to do with exporting to Mexico and selling and distributing your product into Mexico?  A lot obviously.  These types of modern malls are where the American consumer culture is perhaps most conspicuous in Mexico.


You hear a lot in the news today about a strong dollar being a deterrent to export or sell into Mexico. Yes, this does indeed make things more challenging when attempting to export.  But rest assured, for a myriad of foreign made products and name brands, there are still a plethora of Mexicans (especially in the cities) with the capital and sweet tooth for foreign made and inspired goods and services. That doesn’t mean you should just jump into exporting and distributing in Mexico tomorrow without a thoughtful market analysis. Do your homework, or let us help you! We can guide you through doing an in-depth market research study and so that we can go to bat in Mexico without a blindfold on. This market study will allow you to know exactly what you are getting into, and how you can best help you business succeed. As you can see from the picture above, Mexicans love foreign chain restaurants and they’re included in almost any mall you find in Mexico. Get your business started today!